Al Hammond

Unique Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurs with Scalable Ideas: GSBI seeking health and off-grid energy applicants for 2013

The Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI) run by Santa Clara University celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Of the 160 alumni, more than 50 percent are still scaling—a track record any venture capitalist would envy—and these social enterprises have provided services to more than 70 million beneficiaries.

The deadline for this year’s GSBI is coming up fast: applications must be filed online by Jan. 11 to obtain one of the 15 available slots, each of which comes with a scholarship worth $25,000. More details, and the application link, are available here.

In an August post on NextBillion, Thane Kreiner, executive director of the Center for Science, Technology and Society at Santa Clara University, aptly described GSBI’s past, present (and future) cohorts of entrepreneurs:

“Individually and collectively, they reflect broader trends in social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship more generally—especially the rise of women as pioneers in social entrepreneurship, the pursuit of energy solutions that are independent of grids or other infrastructure, the use of mobile platforms, and focus on increasing agricultural productivity in Africa.”

This year GSBI is particularly seeking social enterprises in the off-grid clean energy sector and the health sector. If you or someone you know is engaged in these areas, please share this link and see if your efforts qualify for this great opportunity!

(From last year’s GSBI. More photos and more information can be found on Center for Science Technology and Society’s Facebook page).

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