Bob Kennedy

Welcoming Scott Anderson, NextBillion’s New Co-Managing Editor

Editor’s note: Today we welcome Scott Anderson to the NextBillion team and community. On behalf of the whole NextBillion team, and echoing the words of Bob Kennedy in the article below, I look forward to working with Scott on a new, fruitful new stage for NextBillion. Welcome, Scott! -FN

* * *

Hello everyone. I am writing today to introduce a new leader in the NextBillion Community. Scott Anderson (mail) joined the William Davidson Institute (WDI) on Monday Sept 27, and will be working with Francisco Noguera as co-managing editor of the site.

Scott joins us from ICON Creative Technologies in Ann Arbor. He has extensive experience as both a journalist (The Ann Arbor News, Ward’s Communications) and managing websites (Time Compression Magazine, the Chrysler/Fiat Executive blogs).

NextBillion has experienced tremendous growth in the past five years. From its origins at the World Resources Institute, through the Acumen Fund and WDI partnerships, to the management transition that has taken place over the past few months. As you may recall, Rob Katz – who has shepherded the site since its founding – has relocated to India in an exciting new position with Acumen Fund. Moses Lee has moved to a new position at the University of Michigan. In each case, the requirements of their new positions are heavy and that they have decided to take a step back and engage the community as staff writers.

While the change in leadership will take some getting used to (thanks Rob!), we are all excited about the future of the site. NextBillion has grown to be one of the leading sites in the “Development Through Enterprise” (or BoP) space. We have been working these past few months to plan a series of enhancement to the site and for the community. We anticipate discussing these with you all in the coming months, and to working with you to make the site even more useful.

Scott will be working closely with Francisco to move the site forward – with more users, more compelling content, and more useful features relating to jobs and research in the development sector.

Scott’s experience with both print and on-line journalism, as well as his full time commitment to nurturing this community, should help move the site forward. He will be reaching out to many of you to get input about improving the community, and to ask for your help.

Please join me in welcoming Scott to the NextBillion community.