June 28

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Today NextBillion is launching a weekly newsletter, NextBillion Notes, oriented toward helping busy people negotiate an increasingly busy social business world.

You probably know what NextBillion is about – we explore market-based solutions to problems in emerging economies. Our goal is to raise awareness of the challenges facing the world’s poorest 4 billion people and to provide a platform to discuss the enterprises, investments and innovations that are improving their lives – and that could even reshape entire economies.

That’s a broad mission. We address it by inviting business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGO managers, policymakers, academics – as many people as possible – into a discussion oriented around multiple topics and sectors. Along with guest posts, we editors also produce content, there’s an editor-curated newsfeed, a calendar of important events and a career center with continuously updated job opportunities.

That’s a lot to digest, and that’s why we’re starting our weekly newsletter with a different format from the newsletter we phased out in November. Notes will offer a snapshot of NextBillion, including links to our most thought-provoking posts, compelling quotes, photos and other highlights – and an occasional look behind the scenes at things we’re working on such as special in-depth series, upcoming podcast guests or other live events.

The newsletter, in short, is designed to be a crib sheet for anyone interested in exploring the connection between development and enterprise. To make that a reality, we need to know more about you, how you use NextBillion and how we might improve. What are we writing about that we shouldn’t be? What aren’t we writing about that we should be? Who should we invite to write a blog? What focus areas are we neglecting? How do you feel about podcasts (a new focus area here at NextBillion)?

We’ll use that feedback to improve and adjust as we go.  

We know you receive a lot of email. We don’t want to contribute to the logjam in your inbox; we respect the fact that your time is precious. Our goal is to create a useful tool that helps you access, explore and then act on what you find in Nextbillion.

Our first issue will be going out later today. You can sign up here. Give it a read and let us know if we’re meeting our goals described above … and please feel free to share the link!


Globe photo by FlyingPurpleMonkeys, via Flickr.



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