James Creel

James Creel is a senior program manager with ASME’s Engineering for Global Development program. He leads the EGD Research initiative to help put a spotlight on the global development research taking place within academia. As it gains momentum, EGD Research is opening publishing and funding opportunities for EGD academics through its annual forum at ASME’s design conference. He also helps lead ASME’s Innovation Showcase (ISHOW), which gives hardware-based innovators and social entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their prototypes to industry experts and development stakeholders. Hardware finalists receive access to design/engineering reviews, seed grants, in-kind support and ISHOW’s growing partner network to help bring their technologies to market. ISHOW competitions are currently held in India, Kenya and the United States with hopes to expand to other parts of the world in the future. When he is not promoting the importance and impact of hardware innovators and entrepreneurs, he enjoys pretending to be a chef, musician and hockey player.




Articles by James Creel

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