John Beale

John is VillageReach’s director of strategic development & group lead, social business, with responsibility for SME creation and development in energy, transportation and information technology. He also manages VillageReach’s marketing strategy.


VillageReach is a nonprofit social enterprise focused on saving lives and improving well being in low-income countries by increasing access to quality health care for remote, underserved communities. The organization builds health system capacity through an integrated offering of information technology, logistics and supply chain solutions, health worker capacity development and social enterprise creation. Since its founding in 2000, VillageReach has operated programs throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


John has lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America and the US. Prior to joining VillageReach, he worked in the wireless industry, first at QUALCOMM as vice president of marketing for its semiconductor division, and then as head of marketing with a venture-backed wireless software company based in the UK. He can be reached @johnabeale.


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