Health Care.

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  • An Update on the Idjwi Project

    In a recent interview, Dr. Sebisaho reviewed Amani Global Works goals from team’s three-month trip to the isolated island of Idjwi: including convincing the community get behind a proposal to erect a hospital and satellite health clinics, and return to New York with a blueprint the citizens of Idjwi will embrace and that Amani can support.

    Health Care
    public health
  • Water, Water Everywhere: How Clean Is It Really?

    The third in a four-part series analyzing community-scale water solutions examines water purity concerns in Rajasthan, which could be taken as a microcosm for larger water security issues. Researching customer preferences uncovered the dire tradeoff BoP customers must make: immediate health impacts versus basic access to water.

    Agriculture, Health Care
  • Announcing Toniic: Aggregated Angel Investment for Social Impact

    Toniic intends to aggregate angels and attract entrepreneurs as the first angel network specifically geared towards impact investment. I spoke with co-founders Sean Foote and Morgan Simon to hear about this new organization that’s forming in the Bay Area but has plans to be global in scope and reach.

    Health Care
  • Exploring Portable Method for Detecting Tuberculosis

    FORT COLLINS – Engineering researchers at Colorado State University have found a new way to detect traces of tuberculosis bacteria in fluids that would allow for a more sensitive and accurate detection of the deadly disease. The research by Diego Krapf, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and a faculty member in the School of Biomedical Engineering, was recently recognized by the Optical Society of America for its potential use in developing countries that fa...

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    Health Care
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