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September 19

Mashal Amjad

Register for SEEP’s Conference, Oct. 2-4

The 2017 SEEP Network Annual Conference will bring together leading practitioners, funders, research organizations and private sector actors dedicated to promoting more inclusive and resilient markets and financial systems Oct. 2-4 in Arlington, Va. Under the conference theme Catalyzing Transformative Change, we will deepen our understanding of and commitment to approaches that bring about large-scale positive change.

Register Now for SEEP’s Conference Before Prices Go Up Saturday on NextBillion.netWe will explore insights garnered from behavioral science that enhance impact, strategies that positively address discriminatory social and cultural norms, incentives that help catalyze change in relationships of market actors and engage private sector firms, and transformative new technologies. We will share proven practices and innovative strategies that modify both the structure and dynamics of market systems in ways that contribute to the greater empowerment of vulnerable populations. Likewise, we will also examine the important change processes within programs and organizations that lead to more adaptive management and effective learning.

The conference agenda will feature:

We invite you to book your spot and join over 400 global development professionals for an interactive learning experience. Register now!

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Mashal Amjad is a program associate with SEEP Network’s member affairs and global communications team. 

Photo courtesy of SEEP Network.




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