Adeena Schlussel
KIND Healthy Snacks

Adeena is originally from Englewood, New Jersey where she grew up with her parents and two younger siblings. In 2009 she graduated from NYU where she studied Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, and wrote her thesis on the possible motivations fueling alternative energy initiatives in oil exporting countries.

Adeena currently works on the team at KIND Snacks, whose mission is to Do the KIND Thing for your body, your taste buds, & the world. Prior to KIND, Adeena interened at the Acumen Fund, charity: water and Nothing but Nets teams, and spent time working with Maniv Energy Capital to facilitate legislation and funding for Better Place, a company working to enact a global, electric car service network.

You can catch her jogging in the city, or on twitter @adeenaschlussel.

Articles by Adeena Schlussel

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