Zahid Torres-Rahman and Helen Mant
Business Action for Africa, Initiative for Global Development

Zahid Torres-Rahman is founding director of Business Action for Africa,a group of companies and international development organizations, working collectively to harness the development impact of business in Africa. Zahid is also founder and director of Business Fights Poverty, a community of professionals harnessing business for social impact. Follow him on Twitter via @FightPoverty and @Business4Africa

Helen Mant is vice president of theInitiative for Global Development which aims to drive significant poverty reduction by catalyzing business growth and investment in the developing world. IGD brings together an influential Frontier Leader network of CEOs and senior executives with the interest and capacity to make strategic investments in high-need regions, with a current focus on Africa. Follow her on Twitter via @IGDLeaders

Articles by Zahid Torres-Rahman and Helen Mant