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  • America Square Conference Centre, London - 1 Day
    June 8

    The Future of Climate Finance

    The Future of Climate Finance is an exclusive one-day conference held in the heart of London that will address the escalating mobilisation of finance in favour of sustainable global development.

    Over $650 billion poured into climate-focused funds worldwide in 2021 and 2022 is set to be another record-breaking year for green finance. As the environmental stakes increase and the vocal and natural warnings grow menacingly stark, pressure on the global investment industry to tackle climate change is higher than ever before.

    There is no vaccine against the potential of a climate crisis and the rapidly shifting change  in sentiment towards those that can assist in delivering a greener future is already widening the gap  between winners and losers. There is no end of money to be made by those who anticipate the number of opportunities brought about by this uneven pace of change.

    Moreover, the politics of climate change continues to have significant implications for how capital markets are expected to perform. Is this endless pursuit of growth compatible with an urgent need to slash carbon emissions? Or is this the end of capitalism as we know it?

    Backed by hard data and intelligent editorial insight, The Future of Climate Finance unites Capital Monitor’s dedication to examining the impact of sustainable investment on our environment with New Statesman’s audience of key influencers in Westminster, Whitehall and the City.

    Join us on 8th June 2022 to hear high-level representatives from global finance, along with senior business leaders, policymakers and regulators, distill the latest trends and initiatives driving the future of green finance.

    Key Topics:

    • Crisis capitalism: are we shifting to a different relationship with capital?
    • How is the regulatory landscape shaping the future of sustainable capital?
    • Green finance development trends
    • What are the current growth and deal characteristics of green instruments?
    • Issuer Focus: what do investors want from green finance?
    • The challenging politics of climate change
    • The changing climate for private markets investors
    • Measuring the impact of our actions
    • Setting the agenda: predictions for COP27

    This event is complimentary for asset owners, investment professionals and bankers. Service providers will be subject to a charge, and you will be contacted by a member of our sales team in due course.

    Time: 4:00 AM EDT

  • Virtual - 1 Day
    June 8

    Supporting the Off-Grid Appliances and PUE Sector – GOGLA, Efficiency for Access and PREO

    Off-grid solar solutions are catalyzing economic activity, creating income & improving quality of life. To succeed, they need access to finance, technology & markets.

    Do you produce good-quality solar-powered products? Want to access off-grid markets in Africa and Asia? There are many grant funding and technical assistance opportunities available to off-grid appliances & PURE-oriented business models.

    Join us on to learn what we can offer: market intelligence, R&D funding, product testing, opportunities to showcase your products to distributors, and more! Register here.

    Time: 10:30 am CEST

  • Virtual - 1 Day
    June 9

    Challenging the Big Money Myths with Deb Nelson

    In her recent article for Impact Entrepreneur Magazine, Deb Nelson, founder and executive director of the Just Economy Institute, writes, “Our culture encourages excessive consumption, financial systems were designed to be complicated, and money myths are hard to escape”.

    Nelson goes on to deconstruct several deeply seated myths about capital and wealth, including:

    • You shouldn’t talk about money
    • More money means more happiness
    • You shouldn’t just give people money
    • When it comes to financial decisions, leave it to the money experts
    • Money will protect you

    In this Luminarias live fireside chat and audience Q&A, Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker explores with Deb Nelson these five money myths and why it is important to debunk them. She will offer examples of “financial activists” that are “shifting the flow of capital and power” to advance sustainability goals and build the impact economy.

    About Luminarias

    Luminarias is a live video webinar series featuring the leading lights in impact investing and entrepreneurship.

    Deb Nelson

    Deb Nelson is Executive Director of the Just Economy Institute. She launched the Just Economy Institute in 2021 to train and support financial activists who are shifting the flow of capital and power to solve social and environmental problems. Her leadership draws on more than two decades of work with social entrepreneurs, impact investors and donors to build the networks and structures needed to create positive systems change.

    She developed and incubated the Just Economy Institute, formerly the Integrated Capital Institute, for five years as vice president of client and community engagement at RSF Social Finance, from 2016 to early 2021. Her initiatives there also included launching the impact sector’s first Women’s Capital Collaborative in 2016. The fund provided integrated capital—loans, grants and other forms of financing and support—for women-led social enterprises that serve women and girls.

    Prior to joining RSF, Nelson was executive director of Social Venture Network for 15 years, leading a community of over 500 mission-driven entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors dedicated to using business for social and environmental good. The organization merged with the American Sustainable Business Council in 2021 to form the American Sustainable Business Network, a movement builder working with companies, investors and policymakers.

    Nelson is a pragmatic idealist. Her social conscience blossomed early—she marched for the Equal Rights Amendment as a 12-year-old and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon—and she has earned recognition for her effectiveness. Nelson was named a 2019 “World-Changing Woman” by Conscious Company magazine for her pioneering work advancing economic justice, women’s rights and diversity in leadership. In 2015, Real Leaders magazine named her one of 100 Visionary Leaders. She has written for publications including Worth, See Change and TriplePundit, was quoted in Newsweek and The New York Times, and has spoken at the White House, SOCAP, TEDx Presidio and other events.

    Nelson is a leading voice on how to change the way our economy works—and whom it works for. She is an articulate source on the growing movement of financial activists, what it will take to create an economy that serves all people and the planet, how to build high-impact collaborative programs, why we need more women in positions of power and influence, and capital strategies that help social enterprises grow. She resides in San Francisco and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

    Laurie Lane-Zucker

    Laurie Lane-Zucker is Founder and CEO of Impact Entrepreneur, LLC, an impact economy business that hosts the Impact Entrepreneur Network — a large, global network of “systems-minded” entrepreneurs, investors and scholars of social and environmental innovation — and publishes Impact Entrepreneur Magazine. For over 30 years, Laurie has been a “pioneer” (Forbes) and recognized leader in sustainability, social enterprise, and impact investing. Laurie was the founding Executive Director of the international environmental organization, Orion Society, which publishes the celebrated Orion Magazine, as well as the founder of a global sustainability think-tank, the Triad Institute, and Hotfrog, a Founding B Corporation, GIIRS Pioneer Company, and the first company ever to complete an equity transaction on an impact investment exchange. Laurie is the bestselling and multiple award-winning publisher and editor of books and magazines on sustainability and social impact, and the author of numerous articles on entrepreneurship and impact investing.

    Time: 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

  • 10Times Video Conferencing - 2 Days
    June 9

    Digital PayExpo 2022

    DeFi Africa delegates registration

    Contact us at (+234)-816-244-2591 OR

  • Valencia - 3 Days
    June 13

    New Global Dynamics in the Post-COVID Era: Challenges for the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy


    Valencia will be the world capital of the Public, Cooperative and Social Economy, with the 33rd CIRIEC International Congress. The Congress will be held under the theme “New global dynamics in the post-Covid era: challenges for the public, social and cooperative economy“. CIRIEC-Spain and CIRIEC-International invite the international community to the Congress, which is aimed at managers of public and private companies at a global level, representatives of the economic and social world, cooperative and social economy leaders, trade unionists, politicians, professionals and scientists. The Congress has confirmed the participation of Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winner in economics, as opening speaker.

  • Glasgow, Scotland - 3 Days
    June 20

    7th European Research Conference on Microfinance Conference

    Every two years since 2009, European universities in collaboration with CERMi and supported by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) have organised the European Research Conference on Microfinance. The Research Conference is a unique event that gathers together high level researchers, academics, professionals and students ensuring that the latest research is disseminated to the whole microfinance community.

    The 7th European Conference on Microfinance will be held on 20th-22nd June, 2022 at the Yunus Centre for Social Business & Health,  Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

    The Glasgow edition will be focused on microfinance research priorities that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to shape and create the post-pandemic microfinance research agenda. Globally, current challenges are widespread, complex and interrelated and, in this context, it is relevant to better understand the role that microfinance can play on the path for post-pandemic recovery. This will imply discussing access, product design, product delivery, funding, governance, and the limits to what microfinance can achieve, among other topics. We will also have a strong focus on innovative research methods, including cross-disciplinary methodological developments. The event will be taking place in-person at our Glasgow campus

  • TBD - 4 Days
    June 27

    SOCIAL BUSINESS DAY 2022: Building a New Civilisation — Before the Current Civilisation Destroys Us

    Social Business Day is an annual event organized by the Yunus Centre as a global family gathering that platforms the accumulated experiences of social business leaders and entrepreneurship to give shape to the future.

    This year, Social Business Day will be taking place as an online and in-person hybrid event focused on East Africa from June 27-30, 2022. The theme of SOCIAL BUSINESS DAY 2022 will be: Building a New Civilisation—Before the Current Civilisation Destroys Us.

    The current civilisation which is based on profit maximisation has set us on a suicidal path. Global warming, wealth concentration, and unemployment caused by artificial intelligence are leading us to our ultimate extinction. Our window of opportunity to put humanity on a new path towards a new direction is getting smaller and smaller. We must prepare the seed-bed of a new civilisation before the opportunity slips away.

    The new civilisation has to be built on an economy based primarily on zero personal profit to solve the problems of the people and the planet. Social business presents this option. Social business aims at finding compassionate, practical, and long-lasting solutions to social issues while expanding opportunities for the people and the economy. The new civilisation will analyse the break-throughs achieved while preparing for the next leg of our journey before our time runs out.

    We welcome you to our Social Business Day 2022 event centered around “Building a New Civilisation—Before the Current Civilisation Destroys Us.” Please contribute your creative ideas, build new teams to make new break-throughs, meet old friends and make new ones to accomplish our goal.

    Social Business Day 2022 will feature plenary sessions, workshops, and country forums in which participants can exchange ideas and information. Besides English being the language of the event, some sessions will be hosted in languages in Bengali, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French and Portuguese; these sessions will be simultaneously presented during country-specific forums.

    The topics for the main event include: Social Businesses in Microcredit, Education, Healthcare, Arts and Creativity, Technology, Youth, Sports, 3ZERO Clubs, and all aspects of building a New Civilisation.

    The event will include the annual convention of the “3ZERO Clubs,” a global initiative for the youth aimed at realising a World of 3ZEROS: zero net carbon emission, zero wealth concentration for ending poverty, and zero unemployment through entrepreneurship. This convention of the youths will give an opportunity to the members of senior generations to listen to the issues being discussed by the present day youth and catch any opportunity to build bridges among the generations.

    Combined forces of global warming, extreme wealth concentration and the pandemic have unexpectedly created a very special chapter of world history. We see this as an opportunity to create a new civilisation to save the planet and its people.

    SBD 2022 wants to take up this opportunity to create momentum and expedite the process of redesigning the fundamental concepts and institutions on which human lives are organised on this planet. It aims at beginning a new history. It is a big task. We are passing through a time which demands nothing but a big task. You are invited to join us in making this big task a big success.

    Please join us in celebrating the best of human creativity, ingenuity, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s discover the best in ourselves together.

    We look forward to welcoming you to SBD 2022 soon!

    Conference, Webinar
  • DC and Online - 1 Day
    July 12

    Devex World 2022


    This year, 1,000 thinkers, doers, change-makers, and expert practitioners will once again converge in person for Devex World in Washington. Attendees to the fourth edition of this unique global development event can expect a full day of inspiring, interactive, and collaborative sessions with one focus: turning ideas into action.

    The urgency of action has never been so acutely felt as it is in this moment. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing impacts of climate change, and a global reckoning around structural racism and corruption, no one sector, function, or professional can afford to miss the opportunity for transformation. Devex World is not just about understanding these pressing issues and predicting what the future holds; it’s about charting that future for you, your organization, and the world.

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