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  • Zurich, Switzerland - 2 Days
    May 14

    Impact Investment and Blended Finance for Development Agencies and Foundations

    With this 2-day executive program, we will take you on a journey. The goal is that your trip will not end here: To use public or philanthropic funds more effectively and mobilize private investment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) needs curiosity, dedication and practical tools that development agencies, public/ multilateral organizations and foundations can effectively put into practice.

    In this first stage of the journey, we will map the territory, frame the environment, introduce you to the culture, hint to stumbling blocks and focus on a promising path: How to empower high-impact enterprises with market-based solutions to scale and deliver positive impact in a sustainable way – a bottom-up approach.

  • Virtual - 1 Day
    May 19

    VIRTUAL SUMMIT: Real Leaders & Resilience: How to Lead Before, During, and After a Crisis

    It’s time to come together as a community and explore how to build more resilient companies.

    On May 19, over 200 CEOs will gather virtually to share their lessons, experience, and challenges they’ve come through. Unfortunately, a new norm will be more low-probability, high chaos events – additional outbreaks, climate disruption, and associated social unrest. The virtual summit will explore the concept of resiliency and how to build a company that can recover and adjust easily to change.

    While coronavirus is separating us at the moment, this virtual summit will be a welcomed opportunity to connect, engage and come together as a community of real leaders who are using business as a force for good.

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  • Washington, DC - 1 Day
    June 9

    Devex World 2020

    1,000 thinkers & doers, changemakers & expert practitioners will converge at The Mead Center for American Theater in Washington, D.C. on June 9, 2020. The third edition of this unique global development event, Devex World will be a full day of inspiring, interactive, collaborative sessions with one focus: turning ideas into action.

    We enter a future where new models reign. No sector, no function, no professional can afford to miss the data revolution or arrive late to innovations transforming lives at scale. This more global, dynamic, competitive ecosystem is brimming with possibility. Devex World is not just about understanding this future. It’s about charting it for you, your organization, and the world.

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  • Atlanta, GA, USA - 3 Days
    June 9


    For over a decade, SOCAP has worked to surface new solutions by gathering diverse perspectives to address the unique obstacles that we all face when markets fail. We strive to better understand the challenges at hand and implement strategies to overcome those barriers. According to the W.K.Kellogg Foundation report, The Business Case for Racial Equity, “The average earnings of persons of color in the U.S. are 63% of the average earnings of Whites of the same age and gender.” People of color also start businesses at rates similar to Whites, however they are significantly underrepresented in access to capital, support services and mentorship with just “one percent of venture-backed founders are Black and 1.8 percent of venture-backed founders are Latinx” (The State of Inclusive Entrepreneurship: By the Numbers, The Case Foundation, October 2018).

    At SPECTRUM, we gather business leaders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, cross-sector practitioners, and investors to address this urgent need for access, inclusion, and impact across capital markets with intention and authenticity.

    On June 9-11, SPECTRUM will host its second annual gathering in Atlanta, GA at the Gathering Spot. Through a curated mix of panel discussions, fireside chats, networking sessions, and receptions, SPECTRUM will cut through the noise to have honest and unfiltered conversations. Together we will identify pathways and action steps to closing the racial wealth gap, and creating systems that support entrepreneurs and business leaders of color.

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  • Lévis, Québec - 2 Days
    June 17

    FinteQC 2020: 3rd Canadian Conference on Fintech, Insurtech & Financial Services Innovation

    FinteQC is a unique annual event that brings together researchers, executives, practitioners, start-ups  and experts around the topics of financial technology (Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech) and innovation in Financial Services.

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  • Munich, Germany - 4 Days
    June 26

    Super HappYYness Festival

    Get ready for four days of Super HappYYness, full of inspiration, commitments, and creativity leading to innovative solutions that you haven’t thought about yet. Bringing together a worldwide community of social business activists and changemakers, the Super HappYYness festival is your opportunity as a social innovator individual, in your global company, your NGO or your local village to contribute, share and co-create in order to make a difference.

    Find out how social consciousness can build a Culture of Peace, how it builds the nurturing ground for the Human Rights in our daily lives, and how social business leads from the Sustainable Development Goals to concrete actions. What are issues that concern you the most? Which challenges do you want to take on? Which ideas do you have to offer to change the world?

    Leaders and change-makers from corporate, political, microfinance and NGO background as well as social activists will use ideas from social businesses to create concrete joint efforts and fabricate concrete actions.

    Be a driver of change. Your ideas shape the world of tomorrow. From February 26th 2020 you can upload your ideas around the hubs Environment, Life, Sports, Arts & Culture, Youth, Technology and more.

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  • Zurich, Switzerland - 3 Days
    September 9

    Impact Investment & Blended Finance for Development Agencies and Foundations

    To use public funds more effectively and mobilize private investment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become a key concern of many development agencies and donor organizations. While the idea to create blended finance models is compelling, one specific approach holds particular promise: empowering high-impact enterprises with market-based solutions to scale and deliver positive impact in a sustainable way – a bottom-up approach.

    This actionable, practice-driven program is specifically designed for providers of public or philanthropic funding, who strive to maximize the impact of their grants or investments and want to be on top of the most innovative solutions and trends.It includes outstanding lecturers, features inspiring live cases and received exceptional feedbacks in several program runs since inception in 2018. The three-day program will provide valuable insights on strategies and instruments to “leverage” own resources by blending it with private investment for small and growing businesses in developing and emerging countries. It will also shed light on the whole spectrum of finance for impact and international development.

    A specific focus will be on catalytic financing tools that are able to attract additional capital for high-impact enterprises. The program is organized by the Initiative for Blended Finance at the University of Zurich, with program partners Roots of Impact, University of Zurich Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth, and Convergence.

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  • Maputo, Mozambique - 2 Days
    September 23

    Mondato Summit Africa 2020

    Mondato Summit Africa was created in 2014 to offer clarity amid a chaotic and constantly changing industry. It is an exclusive executive event focused on thought leadership in the emerging Digital Finance and FinTech space. With a content-rich, interactive format, Mondato Summits squarely aim at driving the DFC space forward and its stakeholders to engage in it more successfully.

    Mondato Summit Africa offers a venue for industry leaders to learn from experts and peers in an intimate setting. Mondato lends its expertise with specialized content and adroit facilitation to encourage substantive conversations and collaborative problem solving. The intensity and interactivity of the proceedings foster the formation of natural, foundational relationships between participants.

    NextBillion readers can get a 15% discount – just use the code NEXTBILLION when registering.

    Workshop, Conference, Coronavirus, Webinar, Conference, Conference, Conference, Conference, Workshop, Conference
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