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  • Amman, Jordan - 2 Days
    November 6

    From Sustainable to Responsible; Our Vision Forward

    Sanabel, The Microfinance Network Arab Countries is pleased to announce that its annual conference will be held between November 6th and 7th, 2018 at Amman, Jordan under the theme “From Sustainable to Responsible; Our Vision Forward”.

    Sanabel’s members represent some of the pioneers of microfinance in the Arab region who have been successfully capable of transforming from microcredit programs to microfinance institutions, companies and banks, developing various financial and non-financial products and services, adopting innovative delivery channels and reaching out to new market segments which enabled them to achieve sustainability. Their journey reconfirmed that with a clear focus, the goal was achieved.

    The next frontier addressed in the region focuses on the clients and how to better serve them through responsible financial interactions, wider ranges of services and products, and critically through transparent and fair engagement, leading to a mutually successful and long-term relationship.

    Responsible finance will be significantly addressed in the Arab region during Sanabel’s 2018 conference where the regional and global microfinance stakeholders share their experiences, perspectives and knowledge together, emphasizing a collective regional vision.

  • Nairobi, Kenya - 3 Days
    November 7

    GBSN Annual Conference: Transforming Traditional Sectors

    The 2018 GBSN Annual Conference in Nairobi will focus on how innovative, interdisciplinary and collaborative ways of educating entrepreneurial leaders can transform traditional sectors, including Mining & Oil, Agriculture, Tourism and Healthcare. The conference will feature global experts and regional innovators who are driving change in sectors that are critical to development of countries around the globe but also too often entrenched in outdated ideologies and practices.

    The agenda will focus on four broad enablers of entrepreneurial leadership: Technology & Big Data; Responsible Leadership; Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration; and Teaching the Tools of Innovation.


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  • Virtual / India - 3 Days
    November 11

    #InnovatetoInspire Challenge

    World over, energy systems are undergoing rapid transitions towards cleaner and more sustainable solutions with renewable energy sources at the centre of these systems. However, there still exist several gaps that hinder the adequate scaling up of these solutions.

    Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) in partnership with The World Bank and World Resources Institute India (WRI India) are organising the #InnovateToINSPIRE challenge, inviting sector experts and practitioners to submit sustainable and scalable solutions under four broad categories: Grid Management, Electric Mobility, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Market Transformation.

    Grid Management
    CHALLENGE 1: Develop a forecasting tool to improve the accuracy of weather and wind forecasts.
    CHALLENGE 2: Develop an economically viable battery system with improved energy storage, power performance and charging capabilities, and revenue stream?

    Electric Mobility
    CHALLENGE 3: Develop an electric vehicle that costs INR 10,00,000 or less and runs 200 km or more on a single charge.

    Energy Efficiency
    CHALLENGE 4: Develop household devices that can help minimize or remove stand-by losses.
    CHALLENGE 5: Develop a business model that can reduce the final rental per kg of goods by over 40 percent and/or the cost of transportation by 25 percent with a lower payback period.

    Energy Market Transformation
    CHALLENGE 6: Develop instruments of security to create liquidity to support energy-related innovation.
    CHALLENGE 7: Develop instruments to be issued by entities for low-cost and long tenure loans.

    To Apply
    Submit your ideas on the challenge website: For eligibility and other details please visit rules section of the website.

    Applicants will present to the world’s leading experts in the realms of energy management and sustainability. Winners of #InnovateToINSPIRE Challenge receive funding of INR 5,00,000 each, along with mentoring and guidance from sector experts to help them bring their solutions to the Indian market. The Challenge is open to participants from across the world until 12 October 2018.

    About #InnovateToINSPIRE
    #InnovateToINSPIRE is being held as part of the International Symposium to Promote Innovation and Research in Energy Efficiency 2018 (INSPIRE-2018), an annual international conference jointly organized by The World Bank and EESL to showcase innovations and best practices in energy efficiency technologies, policies and financing.

    INSPIRE 2018 will focus on the theme of innovation, and aims to provide a unique platform to policy-makers, influencers, innovators, thought leaders, researchers, leading energy-efficiency companies, government agencies, business leaders and stakeholders from diverse sectors in India and abroad to discuss energy policies, market transformation strategies, and technology and business-model led transformations.

    The event will be held in Hyderabad on 11-13 November 2018, where the winners of the #InnovateToINSPIRE Challenge will be announced.

    We invite you to participate in the challenge and help us spread the word on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn with the hashtag #InnovateToINSPIRE.

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  • Amritsar, India - 2 Days
    November 23

    Financial Inclusion in a Digital Economy

    Guru Arjan Dev Institute of Development Studies (IDSAsr) has organized the 9th IDSAsr National Seminar on the theme Financial Inclusion in the Digital Economy. The seminar will aim to reorient the process of financial inclusions towards sustainability, which in turn has the potential to impact the way people think.

    Millions of families live on the border between self-sufficiency and destitution, and financial exclusion pushes them in the wrong direction. That’s why the government of India has set the goal of establishing a banking outlet in every village.

    The seminar will help to equip people with knowledge and skills making them more competent and confident while at the same time increasing their opportunities for leading a healthy and productive lifestyle in harmony with nature and with concern for social values, gender equity and cultural diversity.

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