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  • New Delhi, India - -56 Days
    April 18

    BoP Global Network Summit

    Enterprise for a Sustainable World (ESW)and Ecociate, in collaboration with the BoP Global Network Labs from around the world, are organizing the third BoP Global Network Summit. The event will be held April 18 – 20, 2018 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India. The Summit will build on the 2nd BoP Global Network Summit: “Sustainable Entrepreneurship From The Bottom Up” held in 2015 in Burlington, VM-USA, which brought together corporate innovators, academics, entrepreneurs, community leaders, students, and BoP Global Lab leaders from more than 16 countries. The 2018 Summit will include a field visit to initiatives to experience first-hand some of the leading edge BoP business initiatives in India. The field visit will serve to stimulate discussion and action during the Summit itself.

    Companies and ventures cannot succeed at the BoP in isolation. It is in the strength of a strong and mutually aligned network and partner ecosystem including academia, government, development agencies, local entrepreneurs, and NGOs, that business will find the keys to success.

    The 2018 BoP Global Network Summit will be focused around three such emerging strategies to more effectively reach and serve the Base of the Pyramid. All three strategies hinge on creative ways to build more effective ecosystems and networks. The objectives of the Summit are to explore the frontiers of these emerging strategies through plenary sessions featuring state-of-the art practice, followed by working sessions to build and accelerate momentum toward making them a reality.

  • Washington, DC - 1 Day
    April 19

    African Fintech Summit

    Fintech is disrupting banking, finance, and even money as we know it. It’s a global phenomenon, but in Africa more than anywhere, the impact has the potential to be both socially and economically transformative. Opportunities for innovation and investment abound.

    The Africa Fintech Summit will gather disruptors, tech and finance professionals, regulators, and investors from across Africa and the US to discuss the technologies revolutionizing finance.


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  • Dubai, UAE - 5 Days
    April 23

    International Workshop on Strategic Leadership in Global Health and Development

    The goal of the strategic leadership and management in healthcare is to assist participants in building continuously learning organizations, to meet the health needs of their respective countries and to provide a guiding shared vision to improve people’s health.

    Who Should Attend?

    Policy makers and leaders in healthcare delivery, especially the ones working on Universal Health Access, disease-focused programs, elimination of diseases, global supply chains. The seminar engages participants in exploring innovative approaches to policy analysis, strategic planning, advocacy, program management and evaluation, and organizational change. This course is meant for senior executives with at least 15-20 years experience, and are managing large teams and budget.

    Strategic Leadership workshop will cover
    – systems thinking and strategic leverage,
    – personal mastery and commitment to change,
    – action-learning principles and practice,
    – shared vision and creative tension,
    – the theory of constraints and root cause analysis,
    – strategy design and key moves,
    – implementation with accountability, &
    – linking data to action.

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  • Nairobi, Kenya - 2 Days
    April 24

    East Africa Islamic Economy Summit 2018

    This year’s summit will look at Islamic economy to define the role of the financial sector, and utilize its tools and technologies as growth accelerators and as means to facilitate transactions free from traditional bureaucratic processes and drive financial inclusion.

    The emergence of Fin Tech opens a host of investment opportunities in the digital Islamic economy. This nascent sector is widely receptive to innovation and in dire need of fresh talent, especially when it comes to small and medium enterprises.

    East Africa’s fairly developed infrastructure and communication sector, a tech savvy young population and the ability to capitalize on technology development provides a great opportunity for the region to lead in Islamic digital economy.

    Accounting firm Ernst & young puts a figure of 150 million new customers by 2021 with the adaptation of Technology in Islamic Finance.

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  • Philadelphia, PA - 1 Day
    April 26

    Total Impact Conference

    The Good Capital Project (a SOCAP Initiative), in partnership with ImpactAlpha, is proud to announce the launch of a new conference series for investors and advisers to gain practical advice and learn leading impact investment strategies across asset classes.

    Impact investing can be daunting and confusing, this series welcomes practitioners of all levels, from curious newcomers to established experts, to learn how to broaden the community and improve the world while meeting your or your client’s goals.

    Good Capital Project and ImpactAlpha’s Total Impact conference is for RIAs, family offices, and investors who are interested in aligning their portfolios with their social values. We’re bringing together impact investing experts, academics, and development leaders to teach you how to build total impact portfolios. We believe the financial services industry has the tools to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and we’d like to invite you to join us.


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  • Lusaka, Zambia - 3 Days
    May 8

    Information & Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) Conference

    The 10th ICT4D Conference brings together public, private and civil society organizations from across the humanitarian and international development community. Participants share how they’ve used innovations in technology to increase the impact of their work. Highly interactive and hands-on, the conference attracts a diverse audience of technical advisors, executives, and others who offer a range of practical insights on applying technology to development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges.

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  • Atlanta, GA - 6 Days
    May 14

    Professional Certificate Program in Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Management

    The Center offers a professional certificate program designed for practitioners in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government, industry, and military who are active participants in humanitarian operations including disaster response, long term development and public health operations. The courses are developed for practitioners seeking to build skills to improve decision making in preparedness, response operations planning, and system design. Courses include many interactive components, such as case studies and games, which help professionals in the health and humanitarian sectors to link the challenges and decision-making tradeoffs they face in practice with the systematic approaches, tools, and techniques presented.

    For eligibility requirements and to apply online, please visit note that the scholarship deadline is Friday, February 9th to apply for a scholarship towards the course series. However, we will consider accepting late applications based on availability and circumstances.)

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  • Kigali, Rwanda - 3 Days
    May 22

    Global Savings Groups Conference

    Since 2011, SEEP has been an active contributor to the Global Savings Groups Conference series. The bi-annual event engages a large and diverse community of stakeholders, develops and promotes improved standards of practice, mobilizes knowledge, creates opportunities for cross-organizational learning, and strengthens partnerships and alliances among development and market actors.

    In 2018, SEEP will host the fourth edition of the series – SG2018: The Power of Savings Groups – in Kigali, Rwanda, in collaboration with Conference partners.

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