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  • New York City, New York - 1 Day
    January 24

    The Measured Summit

    The MFA Design for Social Innovation (DSI) at the School of Visual Arts in New York City will host this inaugural symposium. This event marks the program’s fifth anniversary as the only master of fine arts degree in Social Innovation.

    Join us when leaders in philanthropy, business, healthcare, research and design will create a shared approach to understanding where and when design makes a difference, and how it can become a more powerful tool for systems-level transformation.

  • Zürich, Switzerland - 1 Day
    January 24

    Impact Investing Congress 2017

    The constant and fast growth of impact investing during the last few years shows the economic significance this field will have in the future, especially as it continues to attract more capital as well as to offer new opportunities for investment and financial products.

    This opens up new possibilities for the development of services where the views and needs of multiple stakeholders are taken into account. It is because of this that, despite the significant challenges ahead for impact investing, the sharing of experiences between the impact investing “pioneers” and the new players is essential to create a strong impact investing field.

    This is what the seif Impact Investing Congress 2017 seeks to achieve; to act as a platform for the exchange of knowhow and best practices between key players, and to foster collaboration between the different actors on stage. Attendees are invited to discuss the current situation and the future of impact investing, and to expand their networks with their peers and experts. The aim is to strengthen the ecosystem for its future sustainable development throughout Europe and Switzerland in particular.

  • New York City - 1 Day
    January 24


    MFA Design for Social Innovation (DSI) at the School of Visual Arts in New York will host Measured Summit, a two-day gathering to mark its fifth anniversary as the only master of fine arts degree in Social Innovation Design. To celebrate the milestone as well as gather leaders to examine the process of measuring the impact of social design, DSI is hosting its inaugural Measured Summit. More than 150 leaders and practitioners from the business, philanthropy, technology and design sectors are anticipated to attend.

    On the second day of the summit, DSI—in partnership with Worldstudio Foundation—will host the Measured Symposium, called Design+Health, which will examine how social design impacts and improves our health.

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  • Ann Arbor, MI - 1 Day
    January 24

    Positive Links Speaker Series Impact At Scale: Fulfilling the Base of the Pyramid Promise

    While business can play an important role in addressing society’s grand challenges, enterprise leaders and their partners have yet to fully deliver on this promise. To fulfill these aspirations, we must challenge imbedded assumptions and provide business leaders with actionable strategies and tools for achieving impact at scale. Focusing on the base of the pyramid – which includes the four billion poorest people on this planet – Ted London will draw from his new book to present a roadmap for building sustainable, scalable businesses that generate positive impacts for companies and move us toward a more equitable and inclusive global society.

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  • Salt Lake City, Utah - 3 Days
    January 25

    Winter Innovation Summit

    We are excited to announce the 3rd annual Winter Innovation Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah!

    The Summit has become the preeminent social impact and innovation convening bringing together hundreds of thought leaders, policymakers, funders, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and academics from around the globe.

    Key themes include social impact financing, the role of data and evidence, impact investing, public-private partnerships, impact measurement, and research-based best practices in social services.

    Presented by the Sorenson Impact Center and Salt Lake County, in partnership with Sundance Institute, the Summit will combine cutting-edge content in social impact with Sundance Film Festival screenings and a day of skiing the greatest snow on earth.

    We hope that you will join us.

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  • Barcelona, Spain - 2 Days
    January 26

    European Microfinance Summit 2017

    Microfinance is a fascinating and empowering innovation in finance, and essentially deploys the power of the market to help people help themselves. The main point is to turn the job seekers into job creators.

    The 21st century opens a new era and dimension for the Microfinance sector, providing new business and efficiency opportunities. Leveraging the internet and Microlending platforms are born.Many organizations are now using their website as a main tool to help people around the globe, whether it`s in developed or in developing countries.

    The focus is not only on microbusiness, but also on students, green Microfinance, rural and agricultural finance, innovators who have bright ideas or scientific research.

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  • Silicon Valley, California - 2 Days
    January 27

    African Diaspora Investment Symposium 2017

    The African Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS) is an annual conference in Silicon Valley that celebrates and fosters the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Africans in the Diaspora and friends of Africa. The Symposium offers opportunity to dive deep into some of the hottest investment and development trends on the continent.

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  • Hubballi, Karnataka, India - 2 Days
    January 28

    Development Dialogue 2017

    ‘Development Dialogue’ brings together numerous social entrepreneurs as well as those who believe in and are involved in creating ecosystems
    to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship. Every year we have over 500 delegates coming from diverse sectors and geographies to share
    proven models, innovations and transforming perspectives about improving our social infrastructure.

    The Dialogue is an exceptional opportunity meet and build relationships with the leading practitioners of social entrepreneurship. Delegates find themselves coming back every year for impactful ideas and inspiration from exemplary leaders.