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Ennovent is seeking undergraduate students or recent graduates to perform research, conduct analysis and generate recommendations to inform strategic service and organization-level decisions.

Organization Profile

Creative and commercially viable enterprises are critical to developing innovative solutions to address some of the world’s most complex problems. Recognizing this, Ennovent is a for-profit organization working to accelerate the growth of enterprises creating a lasting impact on low-income communities around the globe, with a current focus on India.

Through an engaged network of experts, investors and entrepreneurs, Ennovent offers ‘dsicover, finance and scale’ solutions which include services such as Discover Challenges, an Investment Fund, Impact Circle, Online Global Network and Expert Pool.

As a young, evolving for-profit enterprise Ennovent’s core strength is the team - a talented and self-motivated group of professionals with strong backgrounds in investment management, information technology, international development, business operations and the environment.

Ennovent’s organizational culture is dynamic; we are highly responsive to new ideas and initiatives that could advance our organizational aspirations and overall socially-driven mission. We promote innovation, business ethics and professionalism throughout all of our operations. For further details about Ennovent:

Position Description

The successful candidate will be responsible for performing detailed, relevant and well-sourced research and analysis to inform strategic decisions related to Ennovent’s key service offerings under the discover, finance and scale solutions. The incumbent’s deliverables will be a key part of Ennovent’s ability to develop business strategies related to global Discover Challenges, investment fund and company operations such as human resources, marketing, information technology and knowledge management.

Key Activities

-Perform detailed desk research using well-sourced references, both online and offline.
-Map, analyze and effectively communicate findings into a pre-determined format.
-Recommend improvements to service or organizational strategy based on research findings.
-As required, develop the necessary processes, systems, tools and templates to support the implementation of recommendations.

The ideal candidates will have the following qualifications, skills and attributes:
-Enrolled in or has recently completed an undergraduate degree in business with an identified concentration in finance, marketing or management strategy. Relevant degrees will also be accepted.
-At least 6 months of relevant market research and analysis experience, either professionally or with an academic project.
-Strong inference and analysis skills and a desire to seek the most relevant information.
-Proven written communications abilities to effectively convey conclusions and findings.
-A clear ability to self-motivate and take ownership over producing quality deliverables.
-Possess the ability and cultural understanding to work with an internationally based team.
-Commitment to Ennovent’s overall mission and core values, as found here.
Program Benefits
When seeking to bring on new staff, Ennovent frequently looks to the Internship Program for exceptional candidates.
Ennovent tailors internship placements to support our organization’s goals, while also aligning with the interest, desired experience and sector exposure of interns.

When placed, Ennovent uniquely offers interns the chance to take a specific project forward with independence and full ownership of the outcomes. Internship projects can materially affect Ennovent’s strategic activities.

In addition, Ennovent’s internship program offers the opportunity to forge critical professional connections with a strong network of colleagues, professional service providers, enterprises, investors, experts and partners working in the social investment and enterprise space on a global scale.

Ennovent works to support the broader career goals of successful interns over the long-term with additional project and career opportunities.

To Apply

Please apply with a resume and cover letter to Allison Langille, Director of Operations We thank all applicants for their interest but only those shortlisted will be contacted.

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