Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Volunteer Business Development Position


Position: Volunteer Business Development Officer

Company: Zawayed (Art, Community, Environment)

Zayawed is a unique and innovative initiative by artist Mohammed Al-Hajji that combines art, community and environmental sustainability to produce beautiful works of art and empowers local women and youth in the process.

The initiative aims at collecting “zawayed” (Arabic for extras and leftovers) - from local businesses and the Jordanian community and turning them into art projects of both functional and aesthetic value.

Here is a TEDx talk on Zawayed by Mohammed -

Yet the initiative does much more than finding new usages for waste products. In the process of running Zawayed, Al-Hajji has generated jobs for women living in Jabal Al Natheef in East Amman, taught recycling awareness courses to the community, had his art featured at restaurants and exhibits around Amman, delivered a talk at TedX Dead Sea and served in multiple international delegations and programs support the role of art in community development.

The project is currently housed at Ruwwad - the Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development - located in Jabal Al Natheef in Amman - and is growing into a larger and increasingly more important initiative that brings together the environmental, cultural and artistic communities in Jordan.

Here is some additional information on Zawayed:

To help increase its impact, expand into more communities and bring more partners on board, Zawayed is seeking a Business Development Officer (pro-bono/volunteer). This position is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more about innovative approaches for community development and/or wants to become involved in a very exciting creative project in Jordan.

Business Development Officer (Pro-bono/volunteer)

Skills you need:

1. Native English fluency

2. Strong writing, research and editing skills

Character of the person:

1. Passionate about social entrepreneurship, social innovation and social change

2. Interest in Arab art and cultural exchange

3. Interested in community and social development

4. Passionate about environmental sustainability, art in development and promoting sound environmental practices

Responsibilities to be undertaken:

1. Lead the writing of grant proposals, applications for Fellowships

2. Search for new funding opportunities

3. Assisting the director and Ruwwad teams in marketing and project planning for Zawayed

4.Business planning and strategy.


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