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Medical Champion (Nurse, PA, CO or Doctor)

Penda Health, Kenya

Key benefits of this position are:

· Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly transform EA’s medical industry

· Have 100% control and responsibility to build a world class medical program

· Ownership opportunities in an exciting, award-wining and quickly growing healthcare company

· Based in Nairobi, the best city in the world

We’re a startup company with a big vision. We have 1 successful clinic in Kitengela, we’re opening 2 more at the moment and we’re on track to open 100 clinics by 2020 across East Africa. Building a successful company requires hard work, lots of change and working with low resources. It also means the opportunity to design a solution that could help millions of people in East Africa.


· Must speak medical language (a nurse, clinic officer or medical officer)

· 3+ years of experience managing people (meaning you were the direct boss of employees that you managed for 3+ years)

· Fluent in Kiswahili


Depends on abilities

Ownership available


· Full inpatient medical insurance for you and your family

· Free outpatient healthcare at Penda for you and your family

Work Base

Mostly Nairobi, with time in Kitengela, Embakasi and our other clinics. The position will involve lots of travel by 2014 and ongoing.

Why this is a great career move?

· Equity ownership in a fast-growing company that could be very, very successful

· The medical program is yours to build. Take 100% credit (or failure) of the program that you’re going to create. We’ll explain the vision and coach you along, but you’re in charge. It’s up to you to make it great.

· Once-in-a-lifetime chance to actually transform the entire healthcare industry in Kenya to treat people better

What’s the job?

What’s the job?

What’s the job?

Find and coordinate great doctors to write Penda’s Medical Protocols, do chart review and training

Penda believes in standardized, evidence-based medicine. You will find and coordinate fantastic global doctors (to join Penda’s current medical advisory board) to develop clear protocols. We also need doctors to do chart review on our patient cases and score charts using a standardized systems that lets us compare clinics and providers’ growth. Finally, you’ll find all types of experts to conduct trainings where our providers need improvement.

Manage and train Penda’s clinical officers and nurses to deliver quality care

Use what you learned during your 2+ years experience managing people to get the buy-in of our current providers and make sure that all providers follow our protocols, offer great quality care, communicate effectively and educate our patients and deliver the company’s quality standards. You’ll need to make, in coordination with our operations team, great system to help you manage providers across 100s of clinics at once.

Create and implement the operational procedures to make each clinic a great environment

Penda Health was selected as part of SafeCare’s quality program. We love their 13 service elements and will probably follow that to make sure our environment is best to do medicine.

Design and implement Penda’s Medical Training program

Over time, we’ll be hiring dozens of nurses and clinical officers each month. One of our company’s core competencies will be our training programs for medical and non medical staff. You’ll need to get experts to design training programs in a repeatable format (video, on paper, training guides) and then manage people to deliver those trainings to our staff in an effective way. Also, you’ll need to measure how well those programs are working and improve them over time.

Improve Penda’s hiring process to recruiting Kenya’s best mid-level providers

We currently make all candidates take a 7 page medical test. Only ~33% of candidates pass the test. We need you to improve this test to make sure we’re hiring Kenya’s best medical minds.

Build partnerships with training organizations and colleges, quality bodies, government bodies, etc. to improve our medical program

Penda is currently a member of:

· Kenya’s Tunza network

· IPIHD, World Economic Forum, McKinsey, and Duke Medicine’s prestigious program to supports innovators and entrepreneurs in scaling up and replicating successful innovative healthcare delivery solutions around the world.

· Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) , Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation’s effort to improve privately delivered health care for the poor in low- and middle- income countries

· And works closely with the Kenya Government’s Ministry of Health

You’ll make whatever partnerships we need to take us to the next level, including partnerships with training institutions.

Help make Penda the best place for any provider in Kenya to work

At Penda, it’s actually a part of this job to make sure you and your teammates love your work. We’ve set a vision to the best employer in Kenya in the next 5 years.

You’ll be part of the culture that makes that possible. You’ll work well with others and go above and beyond what is expected from you. And because we’re a startup, you’ll get to do lots of work outside medical program.

Skills Required

· Be a self-starter and work with little supervision; own your medical program

· Be an excellent over-communicator

What’s our culture?

Read about it at search: Values

What’s our medical strategy?

We’ll send it to you after you apply.

Interview Process

Penda’s interview process is different. You’ll be invited to a range of conversations and events with our whole company. And don’t worry – we make it fun. J

Are you ready for the challenge?

This position isn’t just about treating people. It needs someone who can implement our strategies like a champion, create and design new systems, and build the foundation for a company with the best medical quality that can growing for the next 50 years.

Are you ready for a challenge?

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