December 22

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NextBillion’s Most Influential Post of the Year Contest 2016

All our posts discuss important topics. Some, however, are so well-written and well-read that they change and even lead that discussion. Those are the ones that are included in our fifth annual Most Influential Post of the Year Contest.

Below are the 12 most viewed articles on NB by month. A quick glance shows that the authors weren’t afraid to try to answer difficult questions, such as … How do you measure the impact of microfinance? What’s the difference between enabling and inspiring people? What don’t we know about Zika? What happens when you stop seeing people as beneficiaries and more as co-creators? What are the implications of selling microfinance institutions to fintech companies? How does one make sense of recent trends in impact investing? What’s the best way to help smallholder farmers in Africa get loans? Can knowledge-sharing solve last-mile distribution problems? How can we make farming “cool” again for young people in developing countries? Is fintech being leveraged to provide “rapacious consumer lending”? What happens when you get actual, in-the-field innovators in one room and ask them to crack some of fintech’s toughest challenges?

Please read or re-read the posts below and then vote for your favorite(s). You may vote up to a dozen times using the survey widget at the bottom of the page.

We’ll post the winner on Jan. 4, after all the voting is complete on Jan. 2.

Thank you to all of our contributors – and all our readers – in 2016. Here’s wishing everyone a happy and productive 2017.



It’s Time Research Caught Up with Microfinance Realities by Kathleen Odell   



Why Microfinance Should Embrace – Not Resist – A New Brand by Chris Dunford  



The Surprising Reason Why Savings Boosts Income: New Research Reveals an Unexpected Benefit of Financial Inclusion by V. McIntyre 



What We Know – and Don’t Know – About Zika and Its Treatment by Dr. Melvin Sanicas



New Paradigm for Leadership – Everyone Leads by Diana Wells and Supriya Sankaran



Opportunity International and MyBucks: A Dangerous Partnership Decision? by Chuck Waterfield  



Summer of Impact Investing: ImpactAlpha Flags 10 Recent Developments Shaping the Sector by Dennis Price 



10 Developments Shaping Smallholder Finance in Africa by Josien Sluijs 



Finding the Right Last-Mile Distribution Model by Jona Repishti 



Can the Mobile Phone Call Youth Back to the Farm? by Christopher Burns 



Microfinance Looks Toward the Future – But Will Fintech Revive the Controversies of Its Past? by James Militzer



A Week at the Cutting Edge: Eight Insights into Emerging Market Fintech by Jake Kendall and Stephen Deng

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