February 9

Recovery 2021: NextBillion’s New COVID-19 Series

As an open forum for the development through enterprise sector, NextBillion has been chronicling COVID-19’s impact on emerging markets business since the pandemic first began. Now, as a vaccine promises to gradually bring an end to this dark period, we anticipate that many industries, enterprises and development organizations will move from responding to the immediate public health and economic crises, to a longer-term effort to “build back better.”

Our “Recovery 2021” series – sponsored by Acceso and Kiva – will focus on how businesses and the communities they serve in low- and middle-income countries are working to recover from the pandemic’s ongoing effects, while building their ability to navigate future threats. It will highlight the new challenges and innovative solutions involved in this coming recovery phase, aiming to support enterprises, NGOs and funders as they work to convert this unprecedented crisis into an equally historic opportunity for greater resilience.

We invite you to check back regularly for new content in this series. And if you or your business or organization would like to discuss your own recovery-focused initiatives or share insights related to these efforts, contact our editor to explore potential coverage. NextBillion is also accepting formal sponsors for Recovery 2021 – if you’d like to draw special attention to your own (or your partners’) COVID-19 recovery efforts in the series, reach out to our team to discuss options.